Thursday, January 16, 2014


Excited about my photo collaboration with 
I will be shooting their muses, models and bloggers wearing their 
Stay tuned for all the babes and fashion.

I love my black leather sleeve dress!!  I've worn it like crazy already.  Day and night. 
You can find it on

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

L.A. Nights...

Chateau Marmont with my Galore Magazine babes, Prince and Jacob + British Bombshell Beauty, Kelly Brook

Monday, December 23, 2013

Galore Magazine NYC issue release party

Galore Magazine 
Model, Ashley Smith
Galore Magazine Editor, Prince Chenoa 
Model, Hailey Clauson
Model, Meki Saldana
Check out Meki in the Galore editorial and film "Erotica" 
Galore magazine Editor and Photographer, Jacob Dekat 
The beautiful,  Nianga Niang
Scott Lipps
With my fox Jacob Dekat and model Andrej Pejic
Models, Gia Genevieve

I liked her hat...
Model, Jeremy Mcclain
Feliz Navidad xxx
Model, Isabella Farrell

Saturday, December 21, 2013

PopLipps at Art Basel

Scott Lipps aka POPLipps
Chelsea Freeborn 
The beauty and color queen,
Chloe Norgaard
Rianne ten Haken 
Chelsea Freeborn & Meki Saldana

Love this guy,
Eugene Remm
The hot Dj duo,
These two,
my latin brother and artist Harif Guzman aka HaCuLa
Rianne ten Haken
Mi Gia
Nianga Niang

My first Art Basel was fooking awesome, aside from being sick and coughing my life away the entire week, I was rockinn.

Go get your copy of PopLipps!!  

Also my wonderful ladies from Valentine NYC  debuted their wonderful lingerie line that week, check them out.  


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Show me...

Show Me from Frankie Mark on Vimeo.

New video I shot for an Editorial the amazing Miko Lim was shooting...  See photos on

Isabella Farrell - One.1 Management
Cailin Russo - No Ties Management
Danny - Request Models
Lawrence - Request Models 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Scorpio kind of party...

Best Friends.
My spongebob, Cailin Russo
Madison Riley Aplanalp
Rock out
My babes flew across the country to be with me on my birthday, love them. 
Scar Face
One of my favorite people in the world, Eugene Remm.
Yeah words can't describe how much I love this face.  My love, Daun Curry.
Poison Ivy 
Marilyn Manson aka the amazing, Mark Birnbaum.

Andrea Damaris

How I love my Blu.

This year I decided to celebrate my birthday a couple of days early, on Halloween.  
My dear friends (who I love like family) Mark Birnbaum and Eugene Remm (Emm group) hosted my celebration at their yummy restaurant The General, where we danced at the dinner table to the amazing 80's cover band, Jessie's Girl.  After sushi and tequila we had a MAJAH dance party at Finale (1942 tequila happened there too), where I indulged and danced with my eyes closed to every hip hop song that came on (yes hip hop, my favorite dancing's the beat), with my beautiful best friends dancing behind me, which put the biggest smile on my face!!!!!  There is nothing in this world that is more fun to me than having dance parties with the people I love.  Being free and just letting go.  It's just in my blood, my parents had dance parties every single weekend, we would all dance in the garage to my father's loud ass speakers.  Sound systems were always a priority at the Gomez residence.  Love and music is our religion. 

I felt really special that day.  Having my best friend Daun Curry (who you may recognize from this blog if you have been following because she was my first muse) there meant the world to me, she's my family.  Daun has seen me grow in every way, including my fashion taste, which she has been a big influence in.  Her loving spirit inspires me everyday.  Yes, this is a Daun Curry love fest and you would do the same if she was your best friend.  

Getting wiser with age is great.  Like fine wine baby ;)
  Society has taught us to be afraid of getting older, especially women but it's actually really beautiful.  We are all going the same way, on a journey on this beautiful planet.  Feels great to know myself more and be surrounded by such GREAT LOVE.  I'll be dancing, loving and laughing til the day I die.  

"Let us live so that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry"
-Mark Twain